Country Ambassadors
Meet the project country contact persons: library professionals/stakeholders who assess country strategic priorities; raise awareness about the project and help the project stay attuned to library issues at national level.

Jasmina Bajo


Librarian at the Public Library of Kotor, Montenegro

A post-graduate philologist of Serbian language and literature at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Philology. I have been librarian at the Public Library of Kotor since 2004 and I was manager of the project Dubrovnik and Kotor - Cities and Books, funded by European Union from the funds for (IPA) / Cross-Border Programme Croatia-Montenegro in 2010. I was secretary of Montenegrin Library Association from 2011-2014. I earned the Senior librarian rating in 2014 from the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.

Athina Basha


Coordinator for Archive and Records Management at the OSCE Presence in Albania

Master in Library Science, 2nd cycle, Ljubljana University, Slovenia-2014
Chief Librarian, University of New York, Tirana-2006
Director, Fier Public Library 1995-2006. Best Practice 2005 Awarded by Junior Chamber International.
Participant and speaker in different International Conferences and Workshops
Professional Association Membership in several national and international boards and standing committee.

Sanja Dukić


Librarian at the Public and University Library “Dervis Susic” Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I graduated from Faculty of Philosophy, department of Bosnian language and literature at University of Tuzla. I have been employee in this library since 2006. At first, I was Head of the Children’s Department, but in 2012 I became a director of the American Corner at the Library in Tuzla. In the library, I am engaged in cultural and entertainment activities, organizing and implementing various events, especially in cooperation with other cultural institutions in the city, country and region. I believe that libraries are places that can connect people, introduce them to new technologies and open doors to the world of equality for all. 

Taulant Hoxha


Founder & CEO of EventorHub, Kosovo

Born and raised in Prizren, Kosovo, a social activist eager to contribute to every possible initiative that relates to the improvement of youth sector. Special interests are social entrepreneurship, Life-​Long learning processes, non-​profits, environmental activism. Passionate mountaineer and photographer.

Breda Karun


Founder and director of Jara, Institute for library development

Director of Zavod Jara since 2010. Previously I worked as librarian and deputy director in a public library and 7 years as a national coordinator of regional library system. My areas of expertise include topics like access to local cultural heritage, advocacy, impact assessment, project management, library trends and more.

Raluca Man


Head of the periodicals department at The National Library of Romania

In depth knowledge of library and information science, consistent experience – over 16 years within the Romanian public librariesʼ system, I have a clear vision, well-defined goals, ability to think outside the box, good eye for details. Keen on innovative work methods and setting high standards for myself, I am an excellent communicator and results-oriented team player.

Jasmina Ninkov


Director of the Belgrade City Library, Serbia

Graduated in journalism at The Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade in 1986. Because of my professional work and many published papers and articles, I received the title of a senior librarian (2001) and a library adviser (2006). I specialized in teaching in the field of intellectual freedom(Slovenia 2001), information literacy (Ankara 2008), digitisation (Prague 2008). I actively publish articles in both domestic and foreign periodicals about books, reading, library science, European integration, e-government and scientific papers (the internet, marketing, public relations, e-culture). I have participated in numerous professional meetings, seminars, international conferences, workshops and strategic conferences (Council of Europe, European Commission). Member of the professional team of the Institute of  Standardization in the field of information and documentation (ISO standards) and the  coordinator for the European Commission projects in the field of implementation of new technologies in culture PULMAN and, AccessIT, AccessITplus, Europeana Awaerness, Locloud, DiXl project. I was the director of the Milutin Bojic Library in Belgrade from October 2002 till June 2009. Since 2009, the director of The Belgrade City Library.  Member of Standing  Committee of the Metlib section in IFLA. Book “21st century libraries” was published in February 2011. Member of the INELI Cohort 2 funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Dalibor Pancic


Network and System administrator at the National and University Library of Republika Sprka and member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences - ACDH’s technical group.

As an enthusiastic and dedicated professional, I gained extensive experience in Linux system and network administration, virtualization, digitization, metadata interoperability, digital social data archiving, e-publishing and web development. In addition, I am a recognized library innovator from Republic of Srpska - Bosnia and Herzegovina, I hold a B.Sc degree in Information Technology and participates in numerous domestic and European projects.

Anna Popova


Project coordinator at the Bulgarian Library and Information Association (BLIA), Bulgaria

I have extensive international and in-country experience in all fields of librarianship, including academic and public libraries’ management, services and advocacy. I have worked for the Global Libraries – Bulgaria Program in its preparatory phase. Currently, as a part of the BLIA Executive bureau, I prepare grant proposals and coordinate projects implementation related to advocacy, staff training and reading promotion. 

Ivanka Sokolova


Librarian at the Public Library Braka Miladinovci Radovish, member of INNOVA Lib, FYR of Macedonia

Master degree of Librarianship, University of Zadar, Croatia
Libraries do a phenomenal job in responding to the needs of the community with progressive initiatives and innovative programs.   I am passionate about public libraries and the vital role they play in community development and in creating a literate and engaged citizenry. I was involved in a number of diverse organizations during my career and have worked on many projects that focus on new library services, something I hope to continue in my work with INELI-Balkans.

Gorana Tuškan


Director of the Rijeka City Library, Croatia

I have been working as a director at Rijeka City Library for seven years. I hold university degrees in history, English language and literature, LIS and public sector management. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at Zadar University. My areas of interest include evaluation and social aspects of public libraries. I believe public libraries are great places that can bring equal chances to the world and deal with discrimination.