Meet the project trainees: talented, innovative library professionals with the potential to become regional leaders of change.

Mihaela Andonova


Town Councillor, Municipality of Svoge, Sofia province
Member of Management Board of Innovative Community Centers Association, Sofia, Bulgaria

Both a librarian and a member of the Management board of Innovative Community Centers Association in Bulgaria, a constituent of the International Library Network "Literacy for all - European library network". I am an open-minded, friendly, resourceful and experienced project person with an optimistic outlook and an excellent ability to communicate at all levels.

Vladut Andreescu


Methodologist at "Ion Heliade Radulescu" County Library of Dambovita, Romania

County public libraries coordinator and methodologist, i.e. staff development expert. Founder of EUROPE DIRECT Targoviste, a European Commission information and communication center. Very experienced in youth work, implemented a lot of projects for and with young people. He coordinates a forum theater group and the activity of over 100 volunteers, with whom organizes various events using non-formal education.

Virgil Cojocaru


Librarian, methodological coordinator at the "G. T. Kirileanu" Neamt County Public Library, Romania

Librarian since 1993, I have worked in all of the departments of the Neamt County Public Library. Methodological coordinator since 2005, I coordinate professional development, librarian work management, new services design and development, cooperation with local public authorities, the heart of the network within all public libraries within the county of Neamt (83 local libraries).

Ioana Crihană


Executive Director of The National Association of Public Librarians and Libraries in Romania (ANBPR), Romania

With a consistent experience in various leadership positions in highly competitive business entities - a government institution, a national newspaper, a well-known Romanian branding & advertising agency, a multinational ICT corporation - I am now working for the most representative national library association in Romania. As the Executive Director of the National Association of Public Librarians and Libraries in Romania, I am involved in rethinking process of librarians’ role and involvement through implementation of programs and projects with the participation of community.

Vesna Crnković


Director of the Public Library "Radislav Nikcevi" Jagodina, Serbia

I have been working in the Jagodina Public Library for more than 20 years. I have designed and managed numerous projects, of which the project Agricultural Libraries is internationally recognized. I participated in national and international conferences. I am a member of steering committees of library associations in Serbia. I am a member of the organization Beyond Access.

Katerina Danailova


Director of the Local Library "Strasho Pingur" Negotino, FYR of Macedonia

In 2012, the transformation of the cold old fashioned city library into a warm colorful place, a blooming garden of ideas, brought the biggest and cutest smiles to our smallest library visitors. These smiles made me a library director -‘’hunter’’ of new opportunities from the rainbow of possibilities to make our library a place ahead of its time. 

Ivana Faletar Horvatić



Reference Librarian at the Zagreb City Libraries, Croatia

Born in a large small-town-working-class family, hard work and creativity became my modus operandi. Combined with eagerness to learn and loads of energy, I have always been busy with 'raising' something new. Currently, I'm raising a cheerful and energetic little girl, vegetables in my urban garden and of course, literacy awareness!

Alma Gjini


Librarian at Fier Public Library, Albania

Love for the library, a shelter for all those who love books, an infinite source of erudition and dreams, attracted me to work in such a wonderful place. With my devotion, promptitude, imagination and constantly developing professionalism, my efforts focus on enabling this institution to have an impact on others, especially younger ones, as it has had on me. I work to realize this goal in projects that entail education, games and creativity for pre-school toddlers, for orphans and children with special needs, for the elders and for other members of the community.

Genc Haxhiu


Arber Jashari


Librarian at the The National Library of Kosovo

A film scholar from Kosova, I currently work at the National Library of Kosova, where I am engaged in planning and implementing innovative activities and projects for the community, using methods of non-formal education. My aim is to make the library an inclusive and welcoming platform for all members of the community.

Vilma Jovanova


Librarian at "Goce Delcev" University and Public Library, Štip, FYR of Macedonia

Starting as a computer science teacher, I upgraded to Senior Librarian with a master Librarianship degree and experience as a coordinator or assistant of dozens of library and community projects. I participated at IFLA several times, once as a presenter, along with 21 library managers from all over the world, attended International Visitors Leadership Program 2008 in USA. Currently, I am librarian at the children's department in the University and public Library “Goce Delcev” Štip, member of the Executive Board of INNOVA Lib Association, president of the Association “Synergy” from Stip and part time employee at American Corner Stip.

Ratko Knezevic


Director of the County and University Library Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina

B.A. in English, M.A. in Comparative literature (English/French), PhD Candidate (Irish Literature).
Experienced in international projects (IPA-Border Crossing co-operation with library from Karlovac city, Croatia, funded by EU, making mobile library services in rural parts of both countries. Tempus_Information Literacy Development-Knowledge Economy in the Western Balkans, new one on Librarian Staff Development in the Western Balkan 2016-2018. In charge of creating a Bosnia & Herzegovina team that will do international workshops in Turkey with migrant children from Syria in Dec 2015. Organizer of the world-level conferences on Information Literacy, the last one in 2015 welcomed people from 26 countries and all continents...etc)

Biljana Kociska


Senior Librarian (PhD) at the PI City Library “Braka Miladinovci”, Skopje, FYR of Macedonia

At the Library's British CornerI am working on realizing my dream and my obligation to the community to transform the public library into the heart of the local community and a center of social events.
Past: Eleven years of professional development and learning new global trends in librarianship.
Future goals: Implementation of the INELI–Balkans experience  in public libraries in my country, so they become part of the idea for Future libraries.

Albana Komi


Librarian at the Public Library of Shkodra “Marin Barleti”, Albania

As a public librarian, I’m entitled to organize, promote and disseminate a wide range of resources to meet the diverse needs of the community. My task is to support independent learning and encourage reader development, through selecting, acquiring, cataloging, classifying, circulating, and maintaining library materials. The challenge is to provide a wide range of information on business, the community, careers, learning and recreation.

Chara Kontosorou


Librarian at the Library of the Municipality of Metamorphosi, Athens, Greece

Having worked many years as a teacher, the wish to have a public library on the block was reasonable. What I hadn’t imagined was the fact that our library would reopen during a big crisis and that it was meant to be filled with creativity, joy, enthusiastic members. Luckily, I soon realized that teaching can be so much interactive in and out of school! A book always acts as a great occasion!

Petra Kovič


Librarian, head of three departments at the Miran Jarc Public Library, Novo Mest, Slovenia

I think libraries are cool and librarians are cooler. I am passionate about reading (lately I am fascinated with novels about the WW2), music (Keith Richards is the most fascinating person in the world 😉 and exploring the world (travelling foodie!). Although sometimes I wear droopy sweaters, tweed skirts and my hair tied in a bun, I like crazy and unusual ideas.

Vesna Kurilić


Librarian at the Rijeka City Library, Croatia

A librarian and an all-around geek specializing in YA genre literature and working with teens. I grew up in a library and came back to work at my home base of Rijeka City Library. I write fiction and non-fiction, obsess over sci-fi tv shows and play the guitar, ukulele and (following my longtime dream) the bass guitar.

Lena Lamnia


Librarian at the Library of the Municipality of Metamorphosi, Athens, Greece

Maria Liana-Tolika


Librarian at the Central Public Library of Veria, Greece

I was born in Sweden, where I had my first experiences with the library but in high school I headed back to Greece. I have been working as a librarian for eighteen years now. My first experiences were in an academic library in Thessaloniki and I was thrilled with what I learned and did. Since 1999, I have been working in Veria Central Public Library and I could declare that if I started all over again, this is what I would choose as an occupation.

Marija Marić-Mitrović


Librarian for children and young adults at the Library of KŠC”Petar Barbarić”, Travnik, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I am trying to show those kids different ways of gaining access to information and knowledge, to promote comparative research, to highlight the benefit of not being prejudiced and the importance of questioning everything. Libraries and knowledge aren't the light at the end of tunnel; they are mazes full of shortcuts, dead ends and ultimately the right paths.
Oh, and I also tell them what those words and numbers titled INDEX mean.

Marjan Marinković


Senior librarian and cultural activities coordinator at the Belgrade City Library, Serbia

Education: Master of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory  
Responsibilities: organization of cultural programs, project management, development of innovative services
Main principles of my thinking and activity: Creativity and Innovation
Favorite quote: ''I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.'' Borges

Fatime Mehmetaj


Manager of professional sectors at the Public Library “Hivzi Sylejmani” Prishtina, Kosovo

I organize projects for library needs; projects for new books, for new activities, new services, staff training and organize work and activities in the adults and children sectors. I believe that INELI-Balkans is the right thing and it comes in the right time for me to start with new ideas, new services, new programs in the new building of the library. I am secretary of the Kosova Librarians Association and I believe that as a participant in this project I will contribute to positive changes in the libraries of Kosova.

Natalja Milaković


Librarian and Head of the Russian Center at the National and University library of the Republic of Srpska,  Bosnia & Herzegovina

Born in a small but very beautiful Estonian town called Tartu, I now live in another beautiful city across the continent, Banja Luka. In 2012, I was appointed Head of the Russian Center at the National and University Library in Banja Luka. I graduated from the University of Tartu, Russian and Slavic Languages, in 2003, and completed postgraduate studies in Belgrade in 2014.

Persi Ntoulia


Librarian at the Central Public Library of Konitsa, Greece

I was born and I live in Ioannina. I have studied at Ionian University in the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology. My MSc is on Information Science. I started working in libraries in 2006 and since 2011 I have worked in the Central Public Library of Konitsa as a librarian. My duties include cataloguing, informational retrieval and planning and conducting educational programs.

Ksenija Orel


Librarian, organizer of informal education workshops at the Public Library of Izola, Slovenia

I work as a librarian and coordinator of non-formal education in The Public library of Izola, Slovenia. I am passionate about growing lifelong learners and crafting innovative public library services that meet our 21st century communities' needs. My favourite concept of the library is the library as a multiplier of my/our community’s creativity and curiosity, including the idea of the public library as collaborative and community space in a time of restraints.

Urška Orešnik


Librarian at the Knjižnica Logatec, Slovenia

Being a librarian for me is an adventure, making new discoveries every day. Like discovering a good book for your patron, new meanings of a novel in a book club or even a new way to introduce a digital collection. And I am excited about all the opportunities libraries of the future are opening – like a never ending story. Since I began my work at the library, I am a promoter of reading - in the book clubs I manage and in schools, in the last year also on my blog Knjige pomagajo - Books Help (focusing on the bibliotherapeutic aspect of reading). Since five years ago, I am also involved in the digitization of local heritage collections and putting them online (Kamra, Europeana). One of my favourite fields of work is event/programme planning, and my latest passion - storytelling.


Ardita Rama


Director of the Public Library Ulqin-Ulcinj, Montenegro

I graduated in German Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology, University of Prishtina. I started working in the Library of Ulqin in 1998. Since 2004, I’m a Director of the Library, responsible for all activities of the Library and the organizer of cultural activities. The book is not only my profession, it's my passion. I am Albanian, living in Montenegro, Ulqin, ancient city of Illyrian. My native language is Albanian. I speak and write Montenegrin, German and English. Member of the Managing Board of the Montenegrin Library Association. Besides reading, I do actively sport. I am graduate Karate Master 3th Dan, Karate Referee and Sports and Recreation Coach. Lecturer and translator. Married, two children, Diellëza and Yllëza.

Daniela Skoković


Senior librarian at the children's department of the Pozega Public Library, Serbia

I have channeled all my efforts towards making positive changes in children's librarianship, especially promoting reading campaigns and fostering early literacy programs. My research interests include picture books. This summer, I spent two lovely months in International Youth Library in Munich focused on gender representation in picture books. I have been actively involved in the Serbian Library Association and in the Serbian section of IBBY as a president. In 2013 I received the SLA "The best librarian in the public library" award.

Ana Škvarić


Librarian and head of bookmobile service at the Public Library “Fran Galovic” Koprivnica, Croatia 

In 2007, I took a  life-changing decision to leave my job in journalism and pursue a long-lasting desire of becoming a librarian. Since then I've spent seven years at the Public Library Virje (director), followed by a position at the Public Library "Fran Galovic" Koprivnica (bookmobile librarian). Throughout these years one question persists – what more can I do to make our services even better?

Edin Smailovic


Director of the Public Library Bijelo Polje, Montenegro

Education: Faculty of Philosophy Sarajevo 2005, Master of Library and Information science, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2009
Work experience: 9 years work in Library; 2007-2009, work in Museum Library Bijelo Polje; 2009 - 2012, Librarian in Public Library Bijelo Polje ; 2012- , Manager of Public Library Bijelo Polje

Beba Stanković


Director of the Public Library "Ilija M. Petrovic" Požarevac, Serbia

Director of the Library for more than 14 years. Involved in IFLA international activities. Like to travel a lot but also interested in books, music, sports and movies – all kinds of traveling without moving. Mostly motivated by new approaches and interdisciplinary styles of working. A supporter of lifelong learning – second MA degree is expected in 2016.

Aleksandar Stokic


System and web administrator, Doboj Public Library, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Organized, customer oriented professional with 7+ years of IT experience in the field of library and information science. Holding a Master’s degree in organizational sciences. Now seeking to contribute my experience, skills and expertise to help small and medium size public libraries implement IT solutions aimed at improving customer satisfaction and day-to-day operations. Strong written and verbal communication skills in English. In spare time, enjoying photography, graphic end web design.

Margareta Tatarus


Coordinator of the Center for Training of the "Duiliu Zamfirescu" County Library, Vrancea, Romania

I have 13 years of experience as librarian in Vrancea County Library and almost 5 years of experience in soft-skills training, mostly focused on teenagers and adults. I am passionate about words, stories and beautiful people wanting to evolve. I am inspired by facts, creative ideas, I love challenges and motivating others. I strongly believe that nothing is impossible!

Silva Vasileva


Deputy director and methodologist at County Library "Lyuben Karaveloy'', Ruse, Bulgaria Ruse - a picturesque

Place: Bulgarian town at the Danube River.
Education: Library, Philology & Media and advertising.
Likes: smiles, sun, coffee and … job at “Lyuben Karavelov” Ruse Regional Library.
Why library? It gives me the opportunity to be part of the changing world.
Expectation: working on a common goal.

Desislava Venchova


Director of the County Library "Mihalaki Georgiev", Vidin, Bulgaria

Name: Dessi for all my colleagues and friends
Birthplace: Vidin, Bulgaria - a small town on the bank of the Danube River
Education: Master of Library and Information Sciences and Cultural Policy, Sofia University
Professional achievement: To provide library activities and services in non-traditional ways and through breaking stereotypes
Favorite thought: «The best way to predict the future is to invent it»

Tsvetelina Voycheva


Librarian (PhD) at Pencho Slaveykov Public Library, Varna, Bulgaria

American Corner Coordinator at Pencho Slaveykov Public Library. Eager to learn, work and cooperate in an international environment. Strongly believe that the library is the best place for everyone. Libraries and librarians are your friends!

Maria Vrachliotou


Librarian at the Central Public Library of Serres, Greece

Since 2011, I work at the Central Public Library of Serres. My main task is to coordinate all educational and recreational activities at the children’s department. Since 2011, the collaboration with Future Library and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation resulted in renovating the Children's Department and re-inventing the Library of Serres. Through collaborations, innovation, fantasy and uncured optimism, I believe that things will gradually get better for public libraries and their future users.