International Network of Emerging Library Innovators | Balkan region

The International Network of Emerging Library Innovators in the Balkan Region (INELI-Balkans) brings together library communities from 11 countries to develop a sustainable network that will encourage collaborative innovation, e-learning and experimentation with new ideas. 

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INELI-Balkans acts as a public library incubator for services necessary to achieve library innovation and transformation in the Balkan region.


11 countries 

The program is available to emerging library leaders from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.


The program is primarily funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is based on the Global Libraries’ initiative INELI (International Network of  Emerging Library Innovators). 

 Do you want to reinvent your public library? We bring together new talents, grassroots movements and established organizations that use Balkan libraries to help sustain their communities.  This is how you'll benefit:
Innovation Awards 

All trainees are expected to submit proposals for new library projects and services. Selected proposals will receive seed funding for their pilot implementation.


Networking events 

Trainees will meet and interact with each other and with field experts through networking opportunities, such as convenings, live training workshops and study visits.


Leadership training 

Through an e-learning platform and with guidance from mentors, the training will focus on the ability of emerging library innovators to provide strategic planning and develop new services.

An exciting leadership development program is now available for emerging library leaders from the Balkans. Participants will be brought together in a program designed to develop their effectiveness as leaders and innovators able to contribute significantly to the future development of public libraries in the region. 
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Important: registration and navigation in the e-learning platform requires a google mail address.

INELI-Balkans participants

Thirty five talented, innovative library professionals participate in the INELI-Balkans training.

Five library professionals with leadership roles in their countries and internationally,
provide guidance and support to Innovators throughout the project. 

Eleven library professionals/stakeholders assess country strategic priorities
and act as national contact points for the project. 

INELI-Balkans report

Library needs and impact: We take into account the particularities of Balkan countries and stay attuned to library issues at national level. Download our INELI-Balkans Needs Analysis Report

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